Tuesday, August 27, 2019

Cyber Security and Cyber Crime Annotated Bibliography

Cyber Security and Cyber Crime - Annotated Bibliography Example This publication done for Deloitte by DeZabala and Baich, the National Managing Principal and Principal respectively acknowledge the rampant increase in cyber crimes in organizations following its CSO Cyber Security Watch Survey in 2010. It unearths some of the stealth techniques used by cyber criminals today. It points to future indicators with a disclaimer of the severity and complexity expected in future. The authors sum up this publication by giving a risk based approach and how to have an effective intelligence system to gather the necessary intelligence information. This is a law book aimed at giving the reader information on career opportunities in private security. In Part II of the book, Dempsey discusses the problem of computer crime, used interchangeably with cyber crime in the society and businesses. This book would be useful to that scholar seeking supportive surveys as the author documents surveys on cyber crime as conducted by the FBI and National Cyber Security Alliance, NCSA in the US. The book discusses most of the basic security procedure followed so as to mitigate cyber crime but is inclined more towards use of biometrics. The discussion on how to investigate cyber crimes has been used to market the various career opportunities that are a consequence of the same. This source would be important for citing examples of the effects of cyber crimes. It gives an example of how Russian crime gangs and civilians caused internet traffic in Georgia to stop by use of America’s software companies and websites. Though it lacks technical explanation as to the crime, it gives the needed information to document cyber crime as a potential national risk. This paper is an extension of the author’s earlier research paper on current challenges in cyber security and advocates for law to react proportionately to the rapid changes in internet usage and cyber crime. It advocates for an inclusion of various professions, both technical and non-technical in

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