Thursday, November 21, 2019

Strictly confidential Essay Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 2500 words

Strictly confidential - Essay Example The memory stick which consists of information on all the 84,000 prisoners in England and Wales is now entirely investigated. It includes some release dates as well as information about 43,000 most intricate and persistence offenders as described by the Deputy Information Commissioner (Sky News, 2008). Out of the most likely consequences is the one that the criminals will bring legal acts next to the government and the taxpayer would have to pay for the injuries to the people who appear to be a bit contemptible for the reason of the government's inability. The loss of the memory stick with the details of the prisoners was initially reported to the government, by a London-based consulting company called the PA Consulting Group, with a contract to track the movement of the offenders through the criminal justice system (Burns, 2008). Classified information about almost 130,000 prisoners as well as dangerous criminals has been lost ... According to the Home Office, an internal report is supposed to be carried out in to the data security arrangements between the Home Office and its contractor, PA Consulting. 2.2 Identification of Stake-Holders The individuals or groups which are affected by the outcome of a decision are construed as stake-holders. Amongst the primary stake-holders are the prisoners and criminals whose information has been lost. Home-Office was responsible for the loss of the personal information. Secondly, the tax-payers are another group of stake-holders affected by the outcome. The secondary stake holders are the police force which is responsible for of guaranteeing the personal information of the prisoners. The stake-holders were supposed to safe-guard the confidential details of the prisoners and criminals which they failed to do. The data had been misplaced by the PA consulting group, which was supposed to track and examine the critical offenders in the JTrack programme. 3. Professional Codes The professional conducts do not seem to construe to the case discussed above for the reason that the people responsible for the misplacing of information did not uphold the reputation and good standing of the British Computer Society, and also, their profession in general. Moreover, they did not seek to participate in the improvisation of the professional gradations through participation in their development, usage as well as implementation. The British Computer

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