Saturday, February 8, 2020

Business Process Management Case Study Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 750 words

Business Process Management - Case Study Example Making decisions that concern the utilization of such resources require the consideration of several factors including legal, cultural and social factors among others. The decision makers in the organization must carry out extensive researches to determine the acceptance of their operations in the society. The organization should determine the thought of the society on their intended use of the resources. This compels the organization to consult with the society on a regular basis in order to avert social strife from the societies among which they operate. To do this effectively, the organization must always provide incentives to the societies with the view of influencing them into liking the operations of the organization and their intended utilization of the resources. This will include the compliance with the set legal policies and regulations since the organization has no control over such. Additionally, the organization will thereafter provide such incentives in the form of carr ying out social responsive investing, this way the organization benefits increased revenue and persuades the mindset of the society into likening the operations of the organization. A fundamental effect of utilizing the resources is pollution that requires effective consideration. The utilization of any of such resources may result in the pollution of any of the naturally existing resources shared by the entire community. Making a decision on the use of any of the resources must consider the extent and type of pollution that such actions may have on the environment. The pollution of the resources is likely to affect the lives of everyone in the society thus amounting to the infringement of human rights. The pollution of the environment causes several effects on the health of the people depending on the resources either directly or indirectly. Their entitlement to a safe and clean environment accords them the right to sue anybody who threatens the sustainability of the environment by encouraging pollution. Another equally important factor considered when making such decisions is the depletion rate of the resources. Despite being natural, the resources are likely to deplete with subsequent extraction. The managers of any project seeking to harvest such resources must consider the effect of the resources on the rest of the community and the nature of the resources. Preservation of both the environment and the resources is therefore key in the utilization of the resources. With the consideration of the depletion rate of the environment, mangers thus employ methods that do not corrode the environment thus minimizing the effects of the extraction process. The consideration of the two factors among many others is a responsibility of the management of the organization utilizing the natural resources. They must consider the interests of the society most of which are safeguarded by the governments. Effective economies have government policies that govern the utilization of the resources with the view of protecting the interests of the society that benefits communally from resources. The decision making process thus becomes a multi layered process that considers the interests of everyone benefiting from the resources.

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