Thursday, October 17, 2019

Chanticleer show ( jazz) Essay Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 500 words

Chanticleer show ( jazz) - Essay Example However, the group generates substantial incomes from major global events and album sales (Weir, & Alfred Publishing Co. 2008). The following is an intense discussion on Chanticleer Jazz Show, with a reflection of the music genres, advancements, and revenue creation tactics. In the Grammy Awards ceremony, Chanticleer acquired an acknowledgement as the reigning global male chorus ahead of many other groups. Further, the group yields praise from its global audience and the media outlets. Over the past three decades, the group has continually blended the jazz music genre from an earlier and stagnant phase. Chanticleer is renown in San Francisco as an orchestra of voices, a factor that emanates from the combination of twelve members with unique voices. Their sales performances are overwhelming and consequently are leading in San Francisco (Weir, & Alfred Publishing Co. 2008). Opening with the songs, â€Å"The Siren’s Call†, and â€Å"Temptations†, Chanticleer Jazz show attracted a huge audience from all the American states. The countrywide tour in the U.S impacts effective reputation from the fans, and a probability is that the expected turnover at the events shall be overwhelming. As at March of 2013, the group targets to launch the anniversary tour, starting in New York City and spreading to other parts of the world. Chanticleer schedules to travel globally in an effort to complete the planned hundred concerts and performances. The tour will improve on the perceptions held on Jazz music. For example, a reflection of the 2011-2012 tour led to the birth of a music choir –The Louis A. Botto Choir. Therefore, presumptions are that the group serves as a motivating factor to rekindle and improve Jazz music, with a surety that the music genre will successfully pass to future generations. Another aspect that possibly reveals Chanticleer as a promotional choir to ensuring survival of Jazz is the fact that, the group focuses on encourages teenagers

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