Sunday, October 6, 2019

Emergency Operations Plan in an Emergency Situation in the Campus Essay

Emergency Operations Plan in an Emergency Situation in the Campus - Essay Example Therefore, there requires an emergency plan that will respond to all the necessary issues that arise at the time of an emergency situation. Weber State University has developed a similar plan to address emergency situations effectively. The Emergency Operations Plan (EOP) aims to address the potential hazards that can give rise to an emergency situation in the campus and to provide a comprehensive implementation plan to cater to these issues. The EOPs scope is wide as it covers the natural disasters, technological hazards and extraordinary situations like criminal events. Therefore, earthquake, mudslide, flood, tornado, weather extremes and fire breakout in the wildland are all possible emergency situations in which EOP will be effective. Likewise, transportation accidents, utility failure, incidents with hazardous materials or chemicals and structural fire are covered under EOP as technological hazards. Similarly, civil disturbances, sabotage between student and staff member, bomb threat and criminal or violent behavior are covered under the extraordinary emergency situations. The Weber State University EOPs will cover the potential emergency situations, provide an effective plan for implementation, develop institutional responsibilities and highlight the mechanism for monitoring and control in emergency situations. The EOPs will be adhered by all the employees and the students of the University, alike. In order to activate the EOPs, the University has assumed several situations and circumstances that will make it easier for all the stakeholders to effectively implement and execute the plan in their best interests.  

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