Tuesday, October 8, 2019

Developing an Ethical Business Environment Essay

Developing an Ethical Business Environment - Essay Example (Kuhn, 2005, 12) Organizational management involves several serious tasks that concern not only the whole company but also its stakeholders. This is the reason why the need for the fine application of ethical leadership is essential for the pursuance of rightful managerial policing processes. Management, as known to many is a performed function in every organizational set up that is essential for arranging the activities of certain business groups. The said act of organizing a business group indeed requires a high level of leadership skills. As for this reason, governance then is considered a responsibility that demands effort and patience in dealing with other people (Humes-Schulz, 2002, 15). As the present human society advances to being economically global, the need for management especially on commercial business organizations is heightened. Hence, there are necessary points of consideration when good governance is being talked about. Today, as management of businesses deal with multicultural differences of the people making up the company, it could be noticed that the challenges in dealing with organizational matters becomes harder to deal with, hence, requiring more skillful attitudes and acts towards the responsibility of organizational management (Cragg, The Shopping Mall Challenge). Certainly, the following organizational issues are the major responsibilities that the leaders must address in their daily activities: - High Profile organizational Failures This concerns the issue that is concerned with the failure of the company, which in some way becomes controversial and in a way destroys the company's reputation in the business industry. Leaders of the organization should see to it that a certain measure of damage control should immediately be taken into consideration to be able to answer to the doubts raised against the company through the existence of the said issue. - Higher expectations on the part of the public sectors and regulators Since the business organizations are mostly aiming for globalization, the public then as well as with the regulators within the society have higher expectations form the organizational governance. Since the aim for progress is high, the effort to be placed forward should also account for the goals that are to be reached. - Increasing litigation and concerns about legal liability Because of being multinational, the business organizations today are subjected to more complex and more systematic legalities that give them their capabilities and limitations in operating with their business on certain countries around the world. - More takeovers, mergers, acquisitions Since the organizations are expected to become larger, the issue concerning the takeovers and merging of the organizations with other business companies, it easy to conclude that the responsibility of the governing department of any business organization subjects the leaders to resort to different resolutions to be able to deal with the said business transactions with other. - Global Competition and Technological change Carrying these things into consideration

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