Tuesday, September 10, 2019

A concert report that discuss the concert I give you Essay

A concert report that discuss the concert I give you - Essay Example Its creation involves the poets writing the stanzas in alternating shifts. The modern poets have manipulated the original renga to come up with the present renga with freedom of line and stanza structures. However, the poem still boasts utmost value between the Japanese and it has become one of the most popular students’ poetry teaching references. Remarkably, the concert was well planned and initiated by the organizers. The performers were on stage just in time to dispel anxiety among the audience who arrived as early as 5 p.m. I specifically loved the glamorous design of the hall – partly reflecting traditionalism and partly reflecting modern life. Probably, the purpose of this form of hall design was to contrast between the times of initiation of the poem (that traces its roots back over 700 years ago) and the present day of conducting and presenting the poem to the modern world by a modern society. Even the sophistication in the types of musical and sound equipment used points to the direction of traditional music on the face modernization. There was a perfect combination of the expansive, etherall veil of Morton Feldman’s final composition. Even the aesthetic contrast could not fail to attain recognition from the eyes of the audience, with specific dates during when the poets composed and or composed poems. A number of musical instruments are available to spice up the concert, to make it more lively and appealing to the ears and eyes. Even though the percussionist found a challenge in simultaneously playing the sounds and navigating between the cognitive creations of outward, immovable, internal and the public spaces of musical satisfaction, he fast gets to the reality of the impossibility of the fact that such simultaneous endeavor may not be practical. However, he managed to achieve a relatively unexpected outcome of sounds and high-toned aggregate of musical zeal and vigor both confluence together in the

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