Sunday, September 22, 2019

Great Achievements Essay Example for Free

Great Achievements Essay Every individual has a goal of achieving their own dreams. Just like them, I am an aspirant who wishes to attain success in my career. As an upcoming Entertainment design student, I always look ahead to my goal and use it as my motivator to keep moving forward. Like others, I have also undergone obstacles in my life that I successfully faced and resolved One of the obstacles that I experienced was when I prepared my admission portfolio. It was 3 months before the deadline that I got interested in going to Art Center. Since I wanted to apply immediately, I worked hard to spend the remaining three months creating my portfolio. I knew that a high quality portfolio would give me a greater opportunity to be accepted so I went beyond my limits and used all the available resources to create my best work. My determination and willingness to learn and develop my talents pushed me to produce 30 pages of high quality portfolio in 2 1/2 months. Perhaps, doing such work in a limited time is difficult but for me, any person can do it so long as there is the passion and right attitude towards work. As a person, I believe that perseverance, diligence, open-mindedness and confidence count a lot in achieving success. During the preparation, I knew that the admissions only required a few pages of work but since I wanted to create the best portfolio, I did my best to accomplish the most number of quality work. Of course, it was difficult for me but it was my faith that helped me attained my goal. Furthermore, it was my family and friends who helped me maintain high expectations. There were times when I wanted to give up but it was them who taught me never to say `I can’t` at anything. I focused myself on my work and kept in my mind that there were no limitations so long as it is for my dreams. I also learned that any individual cannot achieve anything without taking any risk. In my case, one of the biggest risks that I have taken is switching my major and transferring to another college. I was a graduating ASU student and scholar back then in my college. Despite my good academic standing, I realized that I was not happy with what I was studying. It was then that I found out about the program taught at Art Center College of Design just 3 months before the application’s deadline. My interest and passion for the career pushed me to make some big sacrifices and worked non stop for two and half months. Fortunately, my work was paid off and I got accepted in the best design school in the US. Now that my dream goal is already within my reach, the only thing that hinders me is my financial restriction. I believe that through your institution I will be able to resolve this problem and continue my journey towards my success.

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