Wednesday, September 25, 2019

Time Management in College Education Essay Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 1750 words

Time Management in College Education - Essay Example Proper time management in college may involve future planning, monitoring the allocation of available time, goal setting, and prioritizing tasks. Numerous tools, skills, and techniques will help the students to accomplish their goals and tasks within the set deadlines. Such methods may include goal setting, prioritizing tasks, monitoring the academic pursuit, creating a list, organizing a work schedule, and limiting procrastination. Through effective time management, college students will enjoy certain benefits that may include good performance, establishing a conducive learning environment, and focusing on priorities. Indeed, since there are numerous non-curricular commitments that limit the available study time, traditional students should embrace time management in their academic pursuit to ensure that they maximize the available study time. Indeed, the research paper will focus on the significance and direct association between time management and the provision of a college educa tion to first year traditional students.Ahmad, F. (2009). Time Management in Higher Education. Education, Business, and Society:The author in this peer review studies time management in higher education with reference to the credit hour system. In this context, the author explores in-class teaching time and course scheduling in Jordan's universities as seen in Jordan's higher educational system. Moreover, the author relates to time management with effectiveness and increased academic performance and productivity.

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