Monday, September 23, 2019

Book review Essay Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 1000 words - 4

Book review - Essay Example After her sister Rosa dies from being poisoned, Clara becomes a hermit. Esteban, Rosa’s fiance, is busy making a fortune and sexually exploiting peasant girls because he feels that he is entitled to due to his financial status. Upon deciding to visit the old del Valle house, Esteban meets Clara and they quickly become engaged and marry. After they are married, Ferula, Esteban’s sister, moves in with them. A year later, Esteban and Clara give birth to their first child, a daughter named Blanca, who, as she gets older, falls in love with Pedro Tercero. By the end of that summer, Clara finds herself to be pregnant with twins, boys to be named Jaime and Nicolas. Before the birth of her boys, Clara’s parents die in a car accident, resulting in the beheading of her mother, Nivea. Clara isn’t immediately told of what has happened to Nivea, in fear of complications with her pregnancy, but she still finds out. She sets out to find the head, aided by Ferula. During this devastating time, Ferula and Clara become really close; eventually, Ferula and Esteban are fighting for Clara’s attention and love. One day, Esteban comes home to find Ferula and Clara in bed together, and he hastily kicks Ferula out of the house, but not before she can curse him with a lonely life. As time goes on, Blanca and Pedro’s love deepens, though they know that Blanca’s father would never approve, as Pedro is from a different class. Years later, Esteban finds out about his daughter’s love affair by Jean de Satigny, who only wants to secure himself in Esteban’s financial life either as his business partner or his son-in-law. In an attempt to separate his daughter from her lover, Esteban tries to kill Pedro, harming his own wife in the process, who then establishes a silent relationship between her and her husband. However, years down the road,

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