Tuesday, September 3, 2019

My Journey to College Essay -- Personal Narratives

My Journey to College I first came to the university during spring break of my junior year of high school. At the time I was just visiting the three main universities in Arizona so that I would be able to make an educated decision as to where I wanted to get my college education. There were many events showing me the way to this university and little did I know that these events would come upon me and that they would show me the doors to the place where I was truly meant to be. I had a small thought in mind of becoming a chef or something else in the hospitality field. My mom had heard about NAU’s hospitality college and informed me that it was within the top ten. During our visit to NAU we met with and administrator in the HRM program just to get some information about the program. Some time passed and all of the information that I had gathered from the three universities kept running through my head. In the beginning NAU was not my first choice because my boyfriend at the time was in Tucson at U of A so naturally I wanted to attend school with him. Some more time passed and my boyfriend and I broke it off. I was all of a sudden lost because I realized immediately that the only reason U of A was appealing to me at all was because he was there. So my mind went back to thinking about what career I wanted to pursue. I was almost sure that hospitality was still the field for me so of course NAU popped back into my head. I discussed my new thoughts with my mom and we decided that I should apply and wait see what happened. I sent in my application. This was the only application I sent in despite all of the advice given by my high school teachers and administrators: â€Å"Make sure you send in as many a... ...l friends and she is still just right down the hall. My roommate and I became very close after the first few weeks of not knowing exactly how to act around one another and now we are the best of friends as well. Now, in my second semester at NAU, I have gained a great deal of independence, knowledge, and friends. I feel like NAU is my home away from home. I have great classes and I feel that NAU is going to prepare me very well for my life and career in the future. The events that led me to NAU were very inspirational and I feel that these events brought me to where I am really meant to be. I have been shown the path to NAU and now, NAU is showing me the path into my future. I have gone through great journeys to get here and have experienced great ones while being here and I am sure I will continue to experience many marvelous times in Flagstaff at NAU.

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